Walking Cane Material – Lelayang Wood (or Parishia)

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The Standard Malaysian Name as well as the ASEAN Standard Name for the timber of Parishia sp.(Anacardiaceae). Vernacular names applied include kedondong hijau (Peninsular Malaysia), layang-layang (Sabah), sepul (Peninsular Malaysia), surian (Peninsular Malaysia) and upi (Sarawak) with various epithets. Major species include P. insignis, P. maingayi and P. paucijuga. The sapwood is not well defined but is slightly lighter in colour than the heartwood, which is red-brown to light brown. It is also known as Red dhup (India); Balom tembaga, Kayu bengkarung and Kayu sepa (Indonesia); Pwe-baung (Myanmar); Bulabog and Malabog (Philippines); and Chan-ruchi and Ngokkhang (Thailand).

The timber is non-durable, being susceptible to powder-post beetle attacks. Texture is fine and even with interlocked grain. The nailing property is rated as excellent. The timber is suitable for light construction, general planking, pallets (expendable type), packing boxes and crates, toothpicks and plywood.

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