Walking Cane Material – Kemuning Hitam Wood (or Black Wood)

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Kemuning Hitam is a black wood that is formed naturally around the tree trunk and/or the tree core. When the tree is injured, the tree naturally releases an enzyme to prevent it from further injury. Tree’s enzymes are released from inside of the tree when the tree is injured, be it due to bacteria attack, insect invasion or environment pollution. The enzyme released is like antibodies, the antibodies are produced to protect the injured areas. The chemical reaction forms protective coating and wraps around the tree’s injured area and prevent the tree from further damage. The coating gets bigger as the bacteria invades and the entire core becomes fully coated with black, yellow, red or other colours.



Kemuning Hitam’s core is black. Kemuning Hitam the core is nearly similar to that of fossilized wood and has a hard stone like look and feel. It is heavy and sinks in water. Outer layer in a fallen tree and only the core remains. The natural formation produce an artistic decoration for collector. Not only does it display its artistic values, it’s also has supernatural properties. The natives (aborigines or Orang Asli) use Kemuning Hitam as medicine as much as they believe in keeping a Kemuning Hitam in your house or with you, you will feel a sense of calmness. By standing near to a few Kemuning Hitam, some of us may feel sensation of energy gusting through the body. If you experience this sensation, it means Kemuning is working its way through your chakras and benefiting you immediately.

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