Walking Cane Material – Kapur (or Kapor) Wood

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Kapur (or Kapor) is a dipterocarp hardwood from trees of the genus Dryobalanops found in lowland tropical rainforests of Malaysia, Indonesia and South-East Asia. It is a durable construction tropical timber.

The heartwood is reddish brown and clearly demarcated from the pale sapwood. The wood is fairly coarse textured but uniform. In general, the wood resembles keruing (Dipterocarpus), but on the whole, kapur is straighter grained and not quite as coarse in texture. Density of the wood averages about 720 to 800 kg/m3 (45 to 50 lb/ft3) at 12% moisture content. Strength properties are similar to those of keruing at comparable specific gravity. The heartwood is rated resistant to attack by decay fungi, it is reported to be vulnerable to termites. Kapur is extremely resistant to preservative treatment.

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