Walking Cane Material – Cendana Wood (or Passion Wood)

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Cendana is a fragrant wood found in Indonesia jungle. The Cendana wood is heavy and yellow in color as well as fine-grained, and unlike many other aromatic woods it retains its fragrance for decades. The Cendana fragrance is very distinctive and is widely used by many world renowned brands in making perfumes. Cendana has been highly valued and treasured for many years for its fragrance, carving, medical and religious qualities.

According to the native, a Cendana tree could easily live up above 500 years in the jungle. Premised on its distinctive feature of long vitality and its fragrance, this passion wood is a popular charming symbol for ever lasting love and relationship.

The properties are enhance business, family & social relationship, attract true and sincere love, ward off jealousy & gossip from anyone, promote harmony, happiness & good luck, attract respect and love, improve charisma

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