Personalise Your Own Canes and Walking Sticks

Walking Cane Sticks also caters for custom made canes and walking sticks. We are the only online stop in Malaysia and the region that provide this service, so you can stop looking elsewhere because you would not find anyone apart from us.

Making custom made canes and walking sticks allows you to personalise both the head or the handle of the item. We can all agree that the unique feature of any cane or walking stick is the head. It is the decorative element and artwork that make a statement about you and is the part of your cane that needs to fit your hand. Each cane and walking sticks’ head is sculpted individually by hand so minor changes can always be made to suit your needs. Of course, nothing makes your cane as unique as having the head custom designed just for you. We will gladly work with you to design and sculpt a cane head. From preliminary drawings to photos of the wax, and to the final product, we do our best to keep you engaged in the entire design experience.

Apart from that, you'll be able to choose the design of the shaft or the body of a custom cane, as it is always carved and shaped by hand, and the length is custom tailored to your height and hand position. We can use any number of materials, although wood is the most common. We use domestic and exotic woods — from basic Jati (Teak), Chengal, Dark Red Meranti (Shorea), Merbau (Intsia), Rubber Wood, Bamboo, Rattan to more exotic woods such as Ebony or Redwood.


  • Personal usage
  • Father's day gift
  • Birthday gift

Canes and Walking Sticks for Mobility Assistance

Unfortunately, a cane or a walking stick is often purchased without any professional advice, leading to inefficient and unsafe use which may lead to further complication. Walking Cane Sticks will assist and advice you with you mobility difficulties as we have helped hundreds, not thousands of our clients for the past few years in providing the best canes and walking sticks that suit their needs.

The correct cane and walking sticks can :

  • Relieve pressure on sore knees, hips, ankles, and feet, as well as improve balance.
  • Assist the mobility of the users who are afflicted with motor problems:
    • Parkinson's disease
    • Hemiplegia etc.
  • Assist the mobility of the users who are afflicted with joint or skeletal problems:
    • Rheumatoid Arthritis etc.
  • Assist the mobility of the users who are recovering from accidents or surgery etc.

Have your own designed made for you in just a few weeks

A custom cane or walking stick is a very special item. Whether you are using it for medical reasons or as a fashion accessory. A cane is something that you will hold in your hand and carry with you, sometimes for long periods of time. Careful consideration must be taken in its design to ensure that it fits comfortably in the hand, moves easily and naturally and has the strength to offer support when necessary.

Corporate / Events

Walking Cane Sticks also caters for corporate sectors where we make custom made canes and walking sticks for corporate souvenirs, official gifts or even for event purposes. We help businesses and corporations to deliver great gift ideas, quality products, and on-time service.

Walking Cane Sticks is the only online stop in Malaysia and the region that provides this services. Making custom canes/walking sticks is a sophisticated project that requires close supervision, high attention to detail and strong connections with the designer, canes/walking sticks maker and wood supplier in the industry.

Our consultant will work closely with the project owner throughout the New Build process, acting as a liaison between all parties involved, to ensure efficiency, adherence to the specification and the products' timely delivery.

Please Contact Us any time when you have a need for corporate souvenirs, official gifts or even for event purposes. We will provide FREE CONSULTATION and assistance to help you with the project.