How To Clean A Metal Or Silver Cane

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1. When is the best time to clean your metal or silver cane?

When you get back from an outdoor walk or at least once a week.


2. Method of cleaning your metal or silver cane?

The best method of cleaning your metal or silver cane is by taking a few minutes to brush off any dirt or dust from your walking cane.

As you brush or wipe off your cane, please pay attention to broken bits, nicks and scratches. Broken pieces may include the rubber piece at the bottom of your cane, or a loose handle. Nicks and scratches can be covered using a felt tip pen.


3 Method of polishing your metal or silver cane?

This method is ideal after the cane has been brushed off from any dirt or dust (refer to point no 2). Metal and silver canes could be polished using silver polish. Please use rubber gloves and a clean cloth when applying the silver polish on the surface of the cane.




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